Communicate with Your Angelic Partners to Unlock Your Highest Self and Release Restlessness to Experience Immense Pleasure, Clarity, Confidence, and Abundance in Your Life!

Welcome to Learn to Partner and Communicate with Angel's 6-week self-paced course

  • Are you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually drained?
  • Are you lost when finding your purpose or path in life?
  • Do you feel disconnected in your relationships with people and events you once enjoyed?
  • Are you feeling the need to isolate yourself and take more time for yourself?
  • Have you felt the gentle nudges of your intuition getting a bit louder?
  • Do you want to develop spiritually but feel nervous or hesitant because of religious beliefs or fear of others mocking you?
  • Are you struggling to make decisions and trust yourself?
  • Do you want more money, better health, or to feel happier?
  • Do you feel your life isn't progressing as you want it to?

Does any of this resonate with you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then this course, communicating with angels could be the key to unlocking love, harmony, and prosperity in your life.

...Angels? Yes, Angels!

You see, we are all energy, and so are the angels. They exist in a higher vibration than us and thus can offer us guidance and support on our life journey.

Angels are beings of pure love and light and can provide guidance and support on your journey to manifesting your highest self.

Although you are born with the ability to communicate spiritually with the angels, few consciously know this loving team of support exists. Angels await you to invite them into your life as they cannot intervene unless we ask for their help or permit them to do so.

That's where I step in!

I have created an effortless but powerful way to share with you the angelic realms and mastered how to connect with the powerful divine messengers from God that can help you build a life you love!

Meet Your Coach

Striving to merge the spiritual with the physical world, Colleen St.Micheals helps spiritually-open people release resistance to confusion and mistrust in themselves to live aligned with their soul’s design. Colleen's proven methods to strengthen your awareness of conscious and unconscious patterns of thoughts, emotions, behavior, karmic cords, energy, and intuition have helped thousands of her clients to connect with their true inner selves and their innate gift of intuitive connection.

With over a decade of expertise in her field as a Spiritual Practitioner and spiritual consultant, Colleen's passion for teaching others how to live and align with their highest vibrational selves to thrive is felt in the spirit of all her work.

Colleen is an online spiritual practitioner consultant, life coach, speaker, past life regression hypnotherapist, spiritual teacher, author of the Other side of Addiction, The afterlife creator of Peace warrior empowerment oracle deck intuitive reader, warrior of the light, and angel enthusiast.

Colleen St.Michaels

Spirtiual Consultant & Coach

About 6-Week Learn to Partner and Communication with Angels Course

I have designed this course to be completed over a 6-week duration. It is divided into segments and subsegments

Here’s an Insider Overview at What You’ll Learn Over the 6-Week Duration

    1. Welcome To The Course

    1. Learn To Partner And Communicate With Angels Workbook /Manual

    2. Course Calendar

    3. Reflection Journal

    4. Dream Journal

    5. Angelic Flash Cards

    6. Spiritual Terminology

    1. Who Are Your Angels?

    2. Arch Angels

    3. Angels Vs Spirit

    4. Effortless Meditation

    5. Mindful Breathing Meditation

    6. Spiritual Laws

    7. Signs FromThe Divine

    8. Signs From the Divine Audio

    1. Intuition

    2. Intuition vs Ego

    3. Intuition or Ego Audio lesson

    4. Meeting Your Guardian Angel

    5. Breaking Through Fears and Blockages

    1. Auras

    2. Aura Cleansing Intentiom

    3. Meeting Clair Support Slides

    4. Meeting Clair Audio

    5. Clairaudience Audio

    6. Clairsentience Audio

    7. Claircognizance Audio

    8. Clairvoyance Audio

    9. Oracle Cards How To Video

    1. Vibration and Energy

    2. Chakras

    3. Chakra Clearing

    4. Dissolving Energetic Cords

About this course

  • $122.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

The Angelic Tool Box Will Help You Feel Supported and Trusting As You Move Into The Higher Realms and Into Transition.

You'll get all the essentials to make my program successful. Yes, I'll provide you with an angelic toolbox—a box that is jam-packed and will have all the essentials to help you start interacting with your angelic guardians with ease. 

Inside this toolbox, you'll get a combination of tools and resources that are designed to support your success. It includes prompts and worksheets to help you stay on track and focused, as well as a record of your progress and achievements.

It is based on the belief that we are all capable of greatness and that by harnessing our gifts and talents, we can create a peaceful and purposeful life

What's Included in the Angelic Tool Box?

Angels are peaceful beings of light from the subtle realms, so you'll need the right guidance to connect and communicate with your teams in the angelic realms and meet your guardian angel. You were born with the gift of connection; I am showing you the steps to remember this inherent gift.

But don't you worry, as I will provide you with all the tools to get started, including

  • Recorded Video Sessions

    You will get a set of recorded video sessions that will help you learn the steps of how you can interact with angels.

  • Audio Recordings

    To take with you when you are on the go.

  • Downloadable Journals and Worksheets

    You'll get two journals and worksheets to help you track your progress and stay on track.

  • Calendar

    To help you stay on track over the next six weeks.

  • Writing Prompts

    You'll get a set of writing prompts to help you get aligned and connect with the divine angels on a deeper level.

  • Angelic Flash Cards

    Quickfacts to support your learning.

  • Practice Exercises

    To help you hone your skills and become more confident in your abilities.

  • 5-Meditations

    It can help you relax and clear your mind, making it easier to receive angelic guidance.

  • Spiritual Terminology Guide

    You'll get a spiritual terminology guide that you can use as a reference guide when you're working with angels. It will build a solid understanding of angelic language and make communicating with them easier.

Why should you say“ YES” to you and join the course?

I am an expert in  Angel Communication and  Intuitive Coach, which means that I can see the shortcuts I wish I had when I was developing my partnership with the angelic realms. 

I have been a professional Angel Intuitive guide helping thousands to meet and build trustworthy and loving relationships with themselves and the angels. These methods have been my go-to tools for over 10 years in my practice. I am passionate about helping people connect with their angels and discover their true purpose in life.

I offer a unique combination of skills and experience that can help you overcome any life obstacle. And during this self-run course, I will help you to:

  • Connect with your angels and receive guidance from them
  • Feel confident in trusting the intuitive impressions you receive 
  • Learn how you receive messages and signs from the divine 
  • Discover your inner peace
  • Developer intuitive insight 
  • Connect into your highest self
  • Transform negative patterns and behaviors into positive shifts 
  • Realize how loved you are and capable of great things 
  • Develop an awareness of your vibration and how you impact your life through your thoughts

I love my 6-week angelic communication program because my relationship with the angels is sacred; through their love and support and my willingness to trust, I transformed my life in ways I would have never let myself dream of BA ( before angels ), in fear of being disappointed.  In stepping out of the unknown and into the arms of an angel I have opened my mind, body, and spirit up to the limitless life we were born to live. 

I wish for you to feel clarity and peace in experiencing unconditional love and support. We do not worship angels, we partner with them.

What to Expect after My 6-week course is completed?

After 6 weeks of my curse, you’ll be able to:

  •  You'll be able to develop a strong relationship with your angelic partners and higher self.

  • You'll have a solid foundation in spiritual awareness that you can build upon, and you'll be able to add any modalities you like as you raise your vibration and experience a more profound inner calling to learn more.

  • You'll also have the skills and knowledge necessary to become fluent in understanding where to focus your growth to deepen your connection with your angels, guides, and intuition.

  • You'll understand your energetic vibration and chakra system, which will help you feel more confident and passionate about diving deeper into your self-care and intuitive living journey.

All these things will help you live a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Unlock the intuitive within to experience the angelic realms on this plane , trustworthy communication, unconditional Love, and the confidence to shine .Through My 6-Week Learn to Partner and Communicate with Angels

If you're feeling called to take the lead in your life, connect with your angels, and create the life of your dreams, click below to enroll!