The Time is NOW to

Become A Vibrational Match To Your Soul

The time is now. 2023 is the year to awaken fully, take a compassionate stance as you assume responsibility for your life’s direction, and remember who you are! You are a spark of source energy experiencing contrast to evolve on a soul level, and you can shift through any of life’s experiences. This course is a healing blueprint, leading you out of exhaustion and frustration and into intuitively intentional living.

Awaken Your Vibration is meant for you if you’re…

  • Constantly feeling exhausted & drained

  • Noticing your enthusiasm for life has waned and that you are experiencing less pleasure than you used to

  • Recognizing areas in your life that need to shift but not knowing how to make the changes you seek

  • Not finding joy in “doing” for others as you once did

  • Feeling extremely emotional

  • Mentally overloaded with self judgement in past situations and choices

  • You feel BLAH...energetically flatlined

Deep down in your soul, you know that you have a meaningful contribution to make to he world, but you’re not sure what it is.

Learning the patterns that no longer serve you can bring back meaning, fuel your excitement, and create lasting fulfillment.

Raise your hand if you’re ready to release…

  • Anger

  • Confusion

  • Resentments

  • Regret

  • Exhaustion

  • Overthinking and fear

  • The shadow parts of yourself that are longing to be healed and released

While these feelings are natural, carrying them over time without inner resolution leads to low energy, disempowerment, and disinterest.

You will learn how your energy, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts affect you through Awaken Your Vibration.

Break Through

You will regain balance and access your most abundant and passionate life through…You will feel empowered with the tools to feel, investigate, and respond from a place of confidence rather than fear.

  • Releasing pain

  • Growing self-trust

  • Increasing self-leadership

  • Learning how to love yourself truly

  • Nurturing your shadow parts into the light

  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Spending more time doing the things you enjoy most

  • Reshaping your thoughts and attitudes about life, love, and money

Here’s the not-so-secret truth…

Creating wholeness and fulfilling ourselves from within are the keys to total abundance.